Monitoring is a critical IT function that has a wide range of benefits for all businesses. In order to have a smooth business operation your IT systems must be up and running 24x7 securely. The essence of IT monitoring is simple - ensure that your entire IT Systems are available and performing securely to the level expected and required to maintain your business.


Service disruptions can effect your organizational productivity and corporate reputation negatively, and in some cases may cost you money.

IT Systems mostly gives early signals before the incident happens. Careful monitoring allows you to identify and solve problems before they actually happen.

IT systems getting more and more complex each and everyday, so the monitoring!


We can separate Monitoring in few categories;

  • Network Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Switches, Routers, Access Points, Firewalls, Internet Connections, VPNs, etc.
  • Systems Monitoring
    • Physical Servers, Storage Devices, Hypervisors, Microsoft Servers, Linux Servers etc.
  • Application and Service Monitoring
    • Web Applications, Mail Servers, DNS, VoIP, Databases etc.
  • Security Monitoring
    • Server logs, Firewall logs etc.
    • Vulnerability Monitoring.
    • SOC as a Service
  • Website Monitoring

We can help you to plan and implement a new monitoring system, or improve your existing monitoring systems. With many licensed and open source tools and technologies we are providing advanced monitoring services from our globally distributed infrastructure.


No matter how complicated infrastructure you have, Sirius Information Technologies has flexible solutions for organizations of any size;

  • Monitoring as a Service - Cloud Monitoring
  • On-Premises Monitoring
  • Hybrid Monitoring

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