Kaspersky MDM Mobile Device Security

Mobile Device Management

Kaspersky delivers a combination of Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Mobile Threat Management (MTM) technologies to help businesses ensure their employees can use mobile devices without putting sensitive business data and critical business processes at risk. We combine industry-leading anti-malware, anti-spam and web, application and device controls for both Android and iOS based devices, as well as anti-theft capabilities.

A list of individual mobile device security and management features is given below.

Mobile Threats are evolving

During our history, Kaspersky has identified more than 40 million threats to mobile devices in total. Our 2019 survey of businesses worldwide found that:

• Over 40% of those responding had knowingly experienced the inappropriate sharing of corporate data via mobile devices

16% of those responding had experienced this as part of a data breach incident.

Why is mobile device security so important?

Most people today are highly reliant on mobile devices both at work and at leisure, with the boundaries between these two activities often overlapping. Mobile threats are also evolving – Android devices in particular are suffering very considerable challenges in terms of threat protection, though iOS is catching up fast. So securing mobile devices is just as important as protecting laptops and workstations – perhaps more so, as employees themselves are spending more time working remotely, and rely on their mobile devices for social interactions as well as business communications

Why is mobile device security so important?

For these reasons, among others, we build full mobile device security, including that of employees’ own (BYOD) devices, directly into both our unified endpoint security products and solutions – SMB-focused Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and Enterprise-focused Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

Business requirements for mobile device security

For small and medium organizations, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud includes protection for 2 mobile devices with every user license – so the employee’s business and personal mobile devices can both be secured. Our SMB customers can ensure the cybersafety of their digital assets, and of their staff, at no additional cost. Most enterprise-level organizations have their own dedicated mobility programs, with the budgets and resources to support these. So our Integrated Endpoint Solution for enterprises, including Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, not only detects and protects against mobile threats, but is also designed to be fully configurable to individual requirements, and to integrate readily with existing and infrastructures and tools like Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Mobile device security licensing

For all businesses, large and small, our aim is to offer maximum flexibility in terms of licensing. Each Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud user license includes protection for 2 mobile devices, so that both the user’s corporate and personal devices can be used safely. Each Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business license can be applied to any device – whether it’s a desktop, server or mobile device. This very transparent licensing model mean customers with large numbers of endpoints to secure don’t have to calculate the numbers for each type – they just need to know the total number of devices to be protected.

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