Our Managed Protection Service for Kaspersky Lab products offers customers of Kaspersky Lab an advanced technical measures to detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Our service includes continuous monitoring by Sirius SOC Team to provide the real-time detection and prevention of cyber-threats and malicious actors targeting your organization.


Managed Security Service includes full management of your Kaspersky Security Center. We also offer Kaspersky Security Center as a Service for the customers who wants to keep their management in cloud.

Based on the license type you have we make sure that you are getting most of your product and investment. We understand your business requirements and create tailor-made advanced endpoint security policies for your organization.


We see that many customers around the world are not using their products with full protection set. Mostly due to lack of training or the lack of experience of the partner, customers are using default configuration which provides a certain level of security. We make the difference here, without any additional licensing investment we reconfigure and adapt new policies to make sure that you are using all security and management features of your products.

We call it - Same product but totally different experience

Features at a glance:

  • 24x7x365 continuous monitoring.
  • Version update management.
  • Tailored security policies.
  • Proactive security measures.
  • Outbreak response.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Regular security improvements
  • 24-hours technical support.

Our Team

  • 14 Years of Kaspersky Products Experience
  • Kaspersky Certified Technical Engineers
  • Proven record on providing outsource support services for Kaspersky Lab
  • Managing various deployments from 20 Endpoint to 35,000 Endpoint Infrastructures
  • Deep understanding of security concepts

Our Infrastructure

  • 5 POP Points Around the Globe
    • Canada - France - Singapore - Thailand - Turkey
  • Private (Isolated) Management Servers / Not Accessible from Internet
  • Secure Connections with 2048 Bit Encryption
  • Hybrid Deployment Option
  • DDoS Protection

Sirius Information Technologies is an Authorized Kaspersky MSP Partner

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