Database Optimization

Is your Windows Based ERP or Accounting software performing poorly? Are your reports and queries shown to you after too long of a wait?

Most business software runs on databases. Databases are files that all the configuration related to your business software and all the data are kept on. While you work on the software, the software continuously sends queries to the database, as such an increase in the usage or the number of users that use the software could cause you to have long wait times in front of your screen.

Database systems are complex pieces of software. There are numerous factors such as software, hardware or database design causing performance issues. Our main objective in optimization projects is to make sure you reach minimum wait time in opening and reporting (query) times on your software, to hasten your workflow and improve the efficiency of your employees.

As Sirius Information Technologies, we offer Database Optimization Solutions to our customers who are having performance issues or need to get most performance out of their software.

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