It is critical for any organization to implement an effective Vulnerability Management to ensure the security of their IT Infrastructure and critical services against cyber attacks and threats. An effective way of handling such a requirement is to go with a Managed Service methodology, which provides the most comprehensive solution.


With our vulnerability management service, you can remove the ongoing burden that Vulnerability Management places on your team. Our vulnerability management service can scale to any organization’s requirements, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Vulnerability Management as a service (VMaaS) at Sirius Information Technologies gives you back control and peace of mind through:


  • 360 visibility of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure
  • Detailed reporting for your environment, threat landscape and compliance
  • Targeted to-do lists that you can take immediate actions
  • Flexible service options that adapts to changes in your organization

How it Works?

  • Discover

    Our team will scan your infrastructure to discover security vulnerabilities across your network devices, servers, web applications, client computers, etc.

  • Analyze

    After we complete our initial scan, we identify and manage false positives, and create a remediation plan based for your vulnerable assets and your business environment

  • Report

    Our security expert team will prepare an actionable report with prioritized, structured, and manageable remediation advice.

  • Manage

    Our team will constantly monitor your environment to ensure continuous coverage. We also provide you with metrics to report on your organizations' security posture.

Key Features

✓ Technical Account Manager

✓ 24 x 7 Critical Incident SLA

✓ Scalable Cloud Solution

✓ Daily Asset Discovery

✓ Asset Classification & Grouping

✓ Customizable Reports

✓ Remediation Tracking & Verification

✓ Compliance Reporting

✓ Remediation Assignment & Policies

Benefits to your Business

  • Automated testing combined with manual validation to reduce of false positives
  • Increased scan efficiency based on the current threat landscape
  • Access to tailored and comprehensive reports that help save time and focus on key risks
  • Access to leading experts from within our SOC team  
  • Application of threat data from a variety of trusted industry and research sources
  • Discover and categorize assets according to their criticality to your business
  • Backed by industry-leading vulnerability scanning technologies