AI-ENABLED strategic, tactical, and operational intelligence.


SOCRadar is an extended threat intelligence platform that provides an early warning system with an extended threat intelligence platform. SOCRadar’s Extended Threat Intelligence product combines External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence modules to improve your security posture


Make better-informed decisions through contextualized intelligence.

Monitoring a wide variety of internet sources and layers pose difficult challenges, but ThreatFusion’s autonomous technology accurately crawls, analyzes, and interprets data from many sources to identify leaked credentials and other confidential data.

ThreatFusion’s historical precision and growing robust database help analysts cut through the noise, narrowing down relevant security items and prioritizing SOC analyst time and energy on the most critical security incidents.

The cloud-based platform provides API-ready real-time information on a broad range of cyber threats giving customers the power to get prepared for tactical and strategic responses proactively.

SOCRadar made a significant contribution to our security maturity and posture with its advanced cyber intelligence capabilities.

CISO, Retail Industry

How ThreatFusion works?


Realtime trends intelligence

Better-understand existing and emerging global cyber threats.

30K+ critical vulnerability alerts generated annually.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Better prioritize patches.

To prevent adversaries disrupt your business, see which vulnerabilities are being leveraged by threat actors. Get actionable insights and context on potentially vulnerable technologies to speed up the assessment and verification processes.

Threat Actors Monitoring

Stay one step ahead of APT groups.

Through automated data collection, classification and AI-powered analysis of hundreds of sources across deep/dark web, SOCRadar’s ThreatFusion keeps you alerted on APT groups’ activities, helping you define use cases to detect and prevent malicious activities.

30M+ phishing attacks classified.

Global Phishing Radar

Get proactive on the phishing threat landscape.

Understanding and monitoring how the phishing threat landscape looks like is key to achieve a solid security program. ThreatFusion proactively monitors phishing threat landscape and brings you the latest in global phishing statistics and attacks from the wild.

CyberSec News Monitoring

Digital footprint centric cyber security news.

To prevent you from losing focus, ThreatFusion CyberSec News module features the latest cyber security news you’d not want to miss. Auto-aggregated from credible RSS, Twitter and Telegram channels to bring you the most relevant news.

The SOCRadar Advantage

Consolidated architecture for operational efficiency and unmatched ROI.

SOCRadar combines attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to protect your entire business against sophisticated multi-vector cyber attacks.

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