AI-ENABLED strategic, tactical, and operational intelligence.


SOCRadar is an extended threat intelligence platform that provides an early warning system with an extended threat intelligence platform. SOCRadar’s Extended Threat Intelligence product combines External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, and Cyber Threat Intelligence modules to improve your security posture

Sharpen your view outside your perimeter.


Take control of your ever-evolving attack surface.


Threat actors use thousands of entry points to launch ever- sophisticated attacks.

Using an advanced, AI-enabled asset identification and classification algorithm, SOCRadar’s AttackMapper enables enterprise security teams to automatically detect and view all external-facing digital assets with infrastructure including IP addresses, DNS configurations, network software, domains, and cloud applications.

It enables organizations to detect unknown threats and vulnerabilities by providing extensive, continuous visibility in an automated manner.

Gain visibility into hackers’ perspective.

Prevent unauthorized access via RDP exposure.

Much of the success of cyberattacks or any prevalent threat is due to open ports and cyber assets visible to cybercriminals and threat actors. Threat actors frequently target internet- exposed RDP servers millions of which are protected by no more than a username and password. From an external monitoring perspective, SOCRadar enables you to gain continuous visibility into critical or dangerous open ports which can be abused for exploiting vulnerable services or malicious traffic via worms or malware.

Adapt to the age of machine-speed
vulnerability exploitation

The possibility of discovering an unknown asset or vulnerability that could be exploited by adversaries keeps the security teams up at night. Verizon’s 2020 data breach investigations report states that vulnerability exploitation is the second most common type of hacking in breaches. AttackMapper continuously monitors your perimeter from an external perspective to spot critical internet-facing vulnerabilities to be exploited.

The highly-precise scanning engine identifies and alerts you when a critical vulnerability is cross-referenced to your digital assets like:

Web application firewalls

VPN appliances

Network services

SSL/TLS certificates

Web applications

JavaScript libraries

SSL/TLS certificates

Web applications

JavaScript libraries

Monitor digital-footprint-centric risks.

SOCRadar helps solve today’s toughest attack surface discovery challenges through monitoring every digital asset for any change. From the actionable threat intelligence perspective, get alerted on any suspicious incident or baseline change to respond faster.

Attack surface alert types

Website uptime

Domain Expiry/WHOIS

DNS Records

Domain TakeOver

Subdomain TakeOver

Domain Shadowing

SSL/TLS Certificate Grading

Perimeter Appliance (FW/WAF/IPS)

IP Reputation / Torrent raffic

SMTP MX Blacklist

Website Defacement

Website Title-Content Change

Malware / CryptoMining Risk

Dynamic Forms / Skimming Code

BGP Hijacking Risk

IP Routing / MİTM / Hijack

DDos Amplification Target

PortMap Malicious Port/Service

The SOCRadar Advantage
Consolidated architecture for operational efficiency and unmatched ROI.

SOCRadar combines attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to protect your entire business against sophisticated multi-vector cyber attacks.

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