AI-ENABLED strategic, tactical, and operational intelligence.

Protect your customers, employees and hard-earned brand reputation.

360° monitoring of surface, deep and dark web

Every day, threat actors launch thousands of attacks targeting businesses, employees and their customers resulting in brand reputation and financial loss. SOCRadar’s RiskPrime builds on industry-leading instant phishing domain identification, internet-wide scanning, and compromised credential detection technologies by aggregating and correlating massive data points into actionable intelligence alerts. This enables organizations to swiftly understand how particular risks have evolved and what to do for mitigation.

By monitoring thousands of surface/dark web sources, SOCRadar helped us to be more informed and resilient against cyber attacks.

CISO, Finance Sector

Unrivaled, curated data sources

As the threat landscape grows, we are constantly qualifying new data sources and channels. SOCRadar’s RiskPrime draws on a growing collection of data from these sources then through advanced analytics algorithms and a team of talented analysts, it alerts organizations to know if their sensitive data, documents, financial information or customers’ PII have been compromised.

All-in-one digital risk protection platform

4M+ domains analyzed per week

5.5B+ breach dataset records processed

Detect newly-registered phishing domains

AI-enabled SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection platform analyzes millions of domains every day across most major domain registrars to detect malicious or look-alike domains targeting your brand and entire business network.

Secure your VIP team

SOCRadar enables you to search & monitor critically important email addresses, PII, SSNs or credit card details of C-suite executives whether it’s indexed somewhere in the growing database of major worldwide breaches that may be sought by your adversaries.

Get proactive to block credential stuffing and credit card fraud

Empower your existing login security mechanisms to prevent hackers from stealing your customer’s trust. Enhance your credit card fraud prevention mechanisms with SOCRadar Digital Risk Protection platform’s AI-powered intelligence at scale.

Use playbook to handle prioritized alerts

SOCRadar's historical precision, accurate playbook and growing robust database help analysts cut through the noise, narrowing down relevant security items and prioritizing SOC analyst time and energy on the most critical security incidents.

Autonomous dark web intelligence

RiskPrime provides thorough dark/deep web monitoring solution that enables organizations to identify and mitigate threats rapidly. Using unparalleled, autonomous reconnaissance and crawling technology, we help you proactively secure your organization.

Integrated remediation & takedown service

SOCRadar provides on-demand takedown services for phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse sites. Completing the protection offering, with one-click you can initiate takedown process without any additional legal and procedural burden to security teams.

The SOCRadar Advantage

Consolidated architecture for operational efficiency and unmatched ROI.

SOCRadar combines attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities to protect your entire business against sophisticated multi-vector cyber attacks.