Logsign is a next-generation SIEM and SOAR platform that provides comprehensive visibility and control of your data lake by allowing security analysts to collect and store unlimited data, investigate and detect threats, and respond automatically.

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Move Your Security Operations to the Next Level with Logsign SIEM & SOAR

Gain comprehensive visibility and control of your data. Automate & orchestrate detection and response processes for reduced MTTR and improved workforce efficiency.

Logsign Next-Gen SIEM Platform

Designed to be the Ultimate SIEM.

Big Data Infrastructure with Infinite Scalability

  • Rapid deployment & easy configuration in every environment
  • Unlimited log collection & storage
  • Massively parallelized, fault tolerant system
  • Long-term data retention

Limitless Log Collection and Storage

  • Collects every log from every environment with multiple, flexible pricing options
  • Advanced parsing and indexing techniques
  • Easy-to-work with normalized, classified and enriched data

Detection of Any Complex Threats

  • Comprehensive correlation of all your data
  • Accelerated, detailed incident investigation
  • Early detection of cybersecurity threats
  • Uncovered anomalies and IOCs

Fast and Effective Data Protection

  • Mitigation & eradication of threats
  • Automated incident notification & response & remediation
  • Minimized response times excluding alert fatigue
  • Early prevention of phishing and suspicious network traffic

Fast and Effective Data Protection

360-Degree Visualization

Visualization with hundreds of built-in security analytics-driven dashboards and reports.

Smartly Designed User Interface

Easy-to-use platform and built-in modules, and the flexibility to create new ones.

Affordable Data Security

Calculating cost is simple with Logsign’s multiple, flexible pricing options.

Create Your Own Datalake

Start data ingestion as soon as you deploy Logsign SIEM. Integrate all your security tools without vendor concern. Logsign classifies, normalizes and enriches the data for effective use.

Built-in Integrations:

400+ built-in integrations and vendor-free integration capabilities. Quickly starts ingesting all your data.

Free Plugin Service:

Unstructured data parsing with free plugin service.

Any Source-Any Data:

Limitless data collection from every source and environment.

Real-Time Enrichment:

Performs real-time data enrichment with real-time Threat Intelligence.

Data Policy Manager:

Extracts and controls your security data with a flexible Data Policy Manager.

Find the Hidden

Investigate and hunt hidden threats, validate threat levels and triage. Easy to search and filter your results with Lucene queries.

Rapid Data Search:

Find what you need in seconds with Logsign’s drill-down, full-text search.

Accelerated Incident Investigation:

Works on correlated and enriched data, and get results in milliseconds.

Threat Hunting:

Empowers Threat Hunting to uncover any hidden threats, anomalies and IOCs using the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Disrupt any lateral movements.

Detect Complicated Threats

Detect attacks, lateral movements, and data leakage and loss. Triage them to reduce noise.

Correlate All Your Data:

Comprehensively and easily correlates all data – built-in correlation rule library and easy-to-use wizard.

Risk-Score Based Incident Triage:

Leverages advanced behavior analytics for detection of insider threats.

Advanced Detection with Minimum Noise:

Lowers the number of false positives, filters security signals easily according to severity level, MITRE ATT&CK technique or any entity.

Heighten the Visualization

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Logsign empowers visualization with its security analytics-driven, built-in dashboards and reports.

Customizable, Built-in Alerts, Dashboard and Reports:

200+ built-in alerts, dashboards and reports. Customize easily, increase visibility.

Easy-to-use Wizards:

Create new dashboards and reports with wizards in seconds. Ad Hoc and compliance reporting are not time-consuming any more.


Enables analysts to create their own dashboards and reports with delegation. Increased visibility comes with heightened focus on the right area of responsibility.

Safeguard Your Data

Mitigate and eradicate threats before they cause damage and disruption.

Automated Incident Response:

Eradicates threats and attacks proactively on other integrated security tools such as firewalls, DLP and NAC when detected.

On-Time Incident Notification:

You are always notified on time, every time with automated SMS and email notifications.

Automated Remediation Actions:

Mitigates threats and vulnerabilities, and automatically enables remediation actions on other integrated security tools such as AD, EDR and EPP.

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