Next-Generation SIEM/SOAR Solution

Complete oversight of your data with Logsign SIEM. Collect any data, detect the unknowns, and minimize the noise.

Logsign SOAR Brings together technology, people and processes to leverage your security operations. No more catastrophic noise, no more overwhelmed analysts

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Big Data Infrastructure with Infinite Scalability

  • Rapid deployment & easy configuration in every environment
  • Unlimited log collection & storage
  • Massively parallelized, fault tolerant system
  • Long-term data retention

Detection of Any Complex Threats

  • Comprehensive correlation of all your data
  • Accelerated, detailed incident investigation
  • Early detection of cybersecurity threats
  • Uncovered anomalies and IOCs

Fast and Effective Data Protection

  • Mitigation & eradication of threats
  • Automated incident notification & response & remediation
  • Minimized response times excluding alert fatigue
  • Early prevention of phishing and suspicious network traffic

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