Unpatched vulnerabilities in popular applications are one of the biggest threats to business IT security. This risk is compounded by increasing IT complexity – if you don’t know what you’ve got, how can you secure it?

By centralizing and automating essential security, configuration and management tasks, such as vulnerability assessment, patch and update distribution, inventory management and application rollouts, IT administrators not only save time, but optimize security.

Kaspersky Systems Management helps minimize IT security risks and cut through IT complexity, giving managers complete, real-time control and visibility over multiple devices, applications and users, from a single screen.

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Remote Management

For reduced response times, increased efficiency and streamlined support for remote sites, Kaspersky Security Center uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Windows Desktop Sharing technology (used in Windows Remote Assistance). Remote connection to client computers through the Network Agent allows full administrator access to the data and applications installed on the client, even if the client TCP and UDP ports are closed.

An authorization mechanism prevents unauthorized remote access. For traceability and auditing, all activities performed during a remote access session are logged.

By using remote diagnostic tools you also can connect to computer management tool of Windows and access target computers Windows Event Logs, generate System Information, process dump files and much more!

Vulnerability and Patch Management

Automated software scanning enables rapid vulnerability detection, prioritization and remediation. Patches and updates can be delivered automatically, in the shortest timeframes2, for Microsoft and non-Microsoft software. Administrator is notified about patch installation status. Non-critical fixes can be postponed until after hours, even if computers are switched off, using Wake-on-LAN. Multicast broadcasting enables local distribution of patches and updates to remote offices, reducing bandwidth requirements.

Hardware & Software Inventory

Automatic discovery, inventory, notification and tracking of hardware and software, including removable devices, provides administrators with detailed insight into devices and assets used on the corporate network. Guest devices can be detected and provided with Internet access. License control provides visibility into number of nodes and expiry date

Software Management

3rd Party software management functions allows you to remotely deploy / uninstall any kind of software silently within minutes in your network. Thanks to distribution points, you can easily distribute software packages to your remote offices / branches by consuming minimum bandwidth possible.

After running the inventory task you also can easily find out the unwanted software already installed in your computers and uninstall them remotely from Kaspersky Security Center.