IT Consulting

IT Consulting consists of a group of services that allow companies to plan and use their IT Infrastructure more efficiently. As Sirius Information Technologies, we work closely with our clients to support their IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning, and advising them with use of their IT infrastructure in order to meet their business objectives and overcome issues that they might face.

As every company is unique, we tailor our services to your needs. Our consultants will understand your business nature and analyze your IT Infrastructure, and will make recommendations that will help keep your IT Infrastructure highly available and efficient.

We at Sirius Information Technologies have all the expertise to help you realize your business to its full potential, all things IT.

IT Strategy

We work with you closely to develop and implement an IT strategy centered on your organizations needs. We will analyze the current state of your organization's information technologies systems and IT policies by analyzing your data centers, network infrastructure, security solutions and business applications.

Network Infrastructure Consulting

Our consultants who are expert in network infrastructure setups will understand your needs and develop a solution accordingly. We also help you by identifying misconfigurations or problems in your current infrastructure that may lead to service disruption or a security breach.

IT Security Consulting

In today's evolving threat landscape implementing and enforcing IT security policies have become an essential element of an organization’s strategic plan. We help you to determine what are the immediate needs of your organization and what would be needed in near future. We utilize a risk based approach to tailor a security solution that your organization requires.

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