IT Audit

A company is a living, ever changing entity. As the company changes, so does the IT Infrastructure. Some systems become obsolete, some systems are disused and need to be maintained more regularly.

While IT personnel qualifications and expertise are very important, to ensure the continuity, safety and solidity of their IT Infrastructure, companies need to have their IT systems reviewed by an experienced third party periodically.

Much like a financial audit would delve deep into your finances, an IT audit will cover every aspect of your IT Infrastructure.

How Process Works

Network Topology

An overview of your IT Infrastructure. Creating a detailed network topology will help us understand your network better. We will compare our topology with what you have, and make suggestions to improve if needed.

Backup Strategy Overview

We will analyze your backup strategies, including times, frequency, backup type and tools. Depending on our findings, we will point out the critical areas and where improvements can be made.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

“What would happen to the company if any kind of disaster was to hit?” It is imperative to have operational continuity in cases of disasters, otherwise the company will suffer loss of prestige and revenue. We will analyze your DR plan and make the necessary improvements as needed.

IT Proccess Management

IT Process starts when any kind of problem regarding IT Infrastructure arises. We will analyze your whole IT Process all the way from incident occurance, to categorization of the incident and incident analysis to resolution of the incident, making sure you use your assets in the most efficient manner possible.

Asset Management / Inventory

Asset management refers to any hardware and software regarding IT, including end-points, servers, network devices, firewalls etc. After an inventory workup, we will the proceed to analyze if your equipment is being used efficiently, and point out the areas of improvement.

License Management

With proper license management, your company will be using their licenses more efficiently. Our report will include which licenses your company needs (if any).

Security Assessment

Security & Vulnerability assessment includes a soft penetration test to make sure the network does not suffer any of the known vulnerabilities, as well as an audit of the company Firewall rules and policies, VLAN Access Lists, port security, End-point security practices such as anti-virus, as well as physical security assessment for servers and other sensitive network equipment.

Best Practices Analysis

Best practices analysis is an optional audit made by our experts. It includes a detailed check-up and list of best practices for Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, as well as other software and hardware configuration such as RAID settings, VMware, Anti-Virus policies and practices, IP PBX Systems, Firewall and other network devices.

Compliance Management

As the organization changes, so does the personnel. Unless maintained and documented accurately in a standardized way, the infrastructure will become very complex very fast. Compliance with industry standarts such as ISO 27001 ensure that personnel changes or IT Infrastructure changes will not affect your business, as everything will be documented in a timely manner and in a proper format. Compliance with industry standarts will also assists the company with having strategies for most challenges the administrators face, and will serve as general guidelines as to how to deal with them.

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