Ensure the Safety and Integrity of your OT Environment



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Operational Technology (OT) Systems Lack Basic Security Controls. Below Are the Most Common Threats

Legacy Software

Default Configuration

Lack of Encryption

Remote Access Policies

Policies and Procedures

Lack of Network Segmentation

DDoS Attacks

Web Application Attacks


Command Injection and Parameters Manipulation

Ensure the Safety and Integrity of your OT Environment

  • Secure

    400 Mbps Threat Prevention
    Segment IT-OT boundaries
    Virtual patching

  • Build for OT

    Secure ICS/SCADA networks
    1400 SCADA protocols & commands
    Unified OT and IT management

  • Rugged

    Solid state for harsh conditions
    Certified for Industrial and Maritime
    Wired, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE,Dual-SIM

The Risk

  • Targeted attacks. The volume of attacks targeting PLCs and other industrial components is increasing significantly

  • Generic malware, including ransomware, straddling the air gap and affecting industrial control systems

  • Employee or service provider error, both intentional and unintentional, can lead to downtime or fraud

  • IIoT. The ongoing growth of IIoT increases the potential vulnerability and exposure of industrial systems

  • Espionage. Your confidential data obtained by industrial rivals or hostile powers