932,578 number of IPs & web apps scanned daily
253,750 users targeted with phishing simulation
76,413 vulnerability tests in our platform

Our Platform

Holm Security VMP (Vulnerability Management Platform).

  • Network Scanning

    Automated and continuous vulnerability management for public and local systems, as well as cloud services. Cloud Scanners and virtual appliance for local scanning.

  • Web App Scanning

    Automated and continuous vulnerability management of web applications such as websites and REST API scanning. Tests OWASP top 10 version 2017.

  • Fraud Risk Assessment

    Vulnerability assessments of users in your IT environment to find out how resilient they are to social engineering such as phishing, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.

Why you too should choose Holm Security VMP

We offer the most effective method of seeing and understanding how secure your whole IT environment is against external threats.

Automated and continuous scans.

Comprehensive and innovative platform.

Automated alarms and reports.

Vulnerability Manager and Continuous Monitoring.

Significantly increased cyber security for little extra effort.

Helps you to comply with laws and requirements.

Security Center

Security Center is our user-friendly administration tool where you can efficiently manage your vulnerabilities, assets, scans, remediation, users and much more.